It all started with the inn and farm, back then in 1621, in the middle of the Thirty Years' War. At that time it was not yet “Post”, but the Gasthof “Zum Alten Wirt”. Even today on the old Post inn one can still see the year 1621 in decorative engraving and the insignia of its builder Simon Niggl.

Fearing roaming hordes the kitchen was moved to the vaulted cellar which was accessed by a secret staircase.

Of course, the people from the “Alten Wirt” did not make a living entirely from the inn, but more so from the farm, which was extremely extensive. Hans Neuner, senior († 2003): “Just think, our current ownership is only an eleventh part of the estate of my grandfather Franz Neuner”. Hans Neuner's grandfather had at that time three professions and all three were crucial to him: he was an innkeeper, a raft master and a Postmaster.

After all, there was still a river raft to Munich on the Isar up until 1920. The Bayernwerk let these times die. Until 1912 the house was also a Post office, which was given the concession by the Empress Maria Theresa: Both riders and the horses were to be afforded lodging.

There was no tourism in Wallgau until after the turn of the century. It was Hans Neuner's father who made the changes in 1907: He added a new construction to the old inn, which has existed since 1621, and created the “Gasthof zur Post”. For the first time tourism really started in Wallgau.

The nature of Wallgauer Post hotel is to say that the emphasis placed on the name “Post” was now “Hotel Gasthof”.: It's just simply satisfying to visit a hotel that is honoured with the distinctions “Gasthof” that in addition to the comfortable rooms of a welcoming hostel it also maintains and upholds a regulars’ table for locals. Only this is true upper Bavaria!

The biggest concern of Hans Neuner had always been to maintain and continue the (now 394 year-old) tradition. This also lies close to the heart of the current Post owner, Bernhard Neuner jun., who started his "reign" on 1 April 2009.