The people of Wallgau welcome in the spring with a hearty festival. The clubs and associations from the village meet on the first Sunday of May and enjoy the 'Trachtenjahrtag' a celebration of traditional costume.

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And the nature in the spring?

Immediately after the snow melts many of the meadows come to life with crocus blossom. The spring crocus blooms only a few days a year and is spread out over different locations and is marvellous spectacle to admire for a few weeks.

A relic from the Ice Age and naturalistic rarity of our area, from May onwards the "Buckelwiesen" offer a unique foray of colours. First blue and pink from gentians and primulas, then yellow and white of the mountain avens, horseshoes and anthyllis, through to pink-purple orchids and columbine.

June is the month of the orchids: lady's slipper, helleborines and various Alpine orchids - all strictly protected and are only to be "picked" with a camera.

Tips for spring:

  • Gentian blossom in the Buckelwiesen
  • Hiking to Arnica meadows (Hirzeneck, Kranzbach, Elmau)
  • Guided nature walks
  • Globe flower meadows (Kranzberg)